Shop Fitting

Cost effective retail solutions

Tried, tested, and proven to be totally effective by key UK retailers, Decor-Lam delivers a whole range of very real benefits, including a flexible solution to colour-matching on request.

We can supply any substrate in any thickness with a variety of embossing effects. Our panels are easy to work with and can be machined, and are suitable for horizontal or vertical surfaces.

We can offer an extremely cost-effective solution to your shop fitting requirements.

Product Details

  • Cost effective and efficient colour matching on request
  • Contemporary range of designs, including plain, coloured, gloss finishes, and woodgrains
  • Possibility of digitally imaged panels for a truly unique look
  • Available in 3mm to 38mm thickness, single or double sided panels
  • Available in mixed quantities and sizes
  • ISO 9001, 14001 & FSC certified supplier
  • Cutting services available on request

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CNC Machining Coming Soon

CNC Machining Coming Soon